Someone in the NM cast likes boys and girls

4 12 2009

And my moneys on Jambo.

*fingers crossed its Kristen*

I bet JJ just spit her coffee out on to the computer screen.

****update : some of our friends in the gay community says they’re a buzz that’s its Kstew. She totally likes women. I knew it! THANK YOU GOD.

:does the running man:




8 responses

4 12 2009

$5 on eric yorkie.

4 12 2009

dont we already know he likes boys? has that not been confirmed by his immaculate side swept bangs and his interview with DOG NEWS at the Teen Choice Awards?

4 12 2009

I’m not sure. but i def. dont think that it is kstew.

4 12 2009

My votes for Eric too, or Angela?

5 12 2009

My money is on Ashley. She’s so ridiculously good looking, I bet Carrie Prejean would even date her.

5 12 2009

dont you guys see the budding angelina jolie in miss badass stew?

6 12 2009

im with you on jambo… however i can totally see mike as being the underdog on that one.

8 12 2009

my milk money’s on kstew for sure

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