Rush – it’s time.

4 12 2009

Oh man SigO hopefuls, it’s time to get each one of your twi-loving behinds to the rush page. take the test, get it right… get in. See you on the flipside!

Come one, come all!



7 responses

4 12 2009

im happs 🙂
yay today is a good day!

4 12 2009

FORKS… god holls you are SO CLEVER

4 12 2009

Happy happy! =D

4 12 2009

I would like to amend that by saying -FORKS…god JJ you are so clever..

4 12 2009

omydaysss YES HAHAHAHA
totally just got that!
clever one….

5 12 2009

Hey SigO’s!
What was that email address I have to submit my picture to?

Sorry I have dory mind

5 12 2009
AlexisAvenged I believe 🙂

I have to find one to send in to!

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