TwiHard Arrested for Taping New Moon

3 12 2009

this could make a nice ornament...a sparkly one!

22-year-old Samantha was busted by theater employees for taping parts of New Moon in Chicago, and could face up to three years in the hoosegow, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“Prosecutors said employees … saw Tumpach in the theater Saturday night pointing a video camera at the screen during a showing of the movie. Employees detained her and called police, who arrested her after the theater pressed charges.”

Some TwiHards are roughnecks, no joke. Not that Samantha is crazy, but check out the TwiHard attack directory for some real gems–who knows if they’re legit though.
I particularly like:

“She starts hitting me with her French Twilight book, screaming …A few people have stopped to stare, others trying to come near to help me but not get hit by her book. I try to defend myself by holding my hands up to my face, but that just hits the book out of her hand. With nothing else, she starts scratching me in the face with her fake nails.”



One response

3 12 2009

I think my mom has learned to not talk to me when I’m reading Twilight, I’m never a happy person when I get interrupted in the middle of reading and no she does not understand that it does not matter if I’ve read the book three times already, I still want to be left alone. Maybe she’ll understand once she reads Twilight as I bought it for her for Christmas as I refuse to lend her my books as the last book I lent her, Wicked, has yet to be returned, it was lent over two if not more years ago, and the one time I did find it laying around my parents house it was no longer in the best of shapes.

On a sidenote, why take a video camera in when all you need is s soldier who’s serving overseas and can keep a look out for you for the BL copy from one of the many haji’s.

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