It’s going to be a Twilight Christmas

3 12 2009

Yes that’s what I said. All you have to do twi hearts, is go to, the most magical website in all of the land, and type in the search field: “twilight christmas”.  Enjoy! Squeeeeee!

edward and bella ornament


jasper and alice have one too!


maybe you just want to go for a purist look...if your sigBoy lets you


now that is a pretty tree, nice color scheme. black is the new green this xmas


oh did you need some holiday cards? put the Twi-fecta on that shit, eff your kids


maybe on xmas day, you want your daughter to dress like Bella, aint no shame in your game


book quote calendars make a great gift!


they make this necklace for Edward too, but I'm in Jacob mode these days...


quote ornaments! you could cover your ENTIRE tree in Twi-ness!


need a stocking with E & B on it? Etsy's got you covered kid


and dont forget your Bella mittens buck, I know i've got mine


All of these items were handcrafted by various talented Twi hards who have their own Etsy shops. There are pages and pages of this goodness. So you better get going now, if you want to be completely crazy  ready by Christmas! 

I think we may or may not be having a Twilight Sig O hosted Christmas Party…details TBA.

Happy Twi-lidays!!!!



4 responses

3 12 2009

Hmmmmmm, I think I might have to make a run to JoAnn or Michaels tomorrow, or tonight after class, so I can start decorating my Christmas tree with Twi goodness.

3 12 2009

And that dress is absolutely adorable, if only I had a little girl to put in it … hmm one day, she’ll definitely have brown hair.

4 12 2009

the mitten photo looks like a dinosaur sock puppet chomping on prehistoric mini chili peppers. and i like it.

4 12 2009
ti Jane

i asked my bfs mom for twilight stuff for Christmas. all i know is that he said i am going to be an extremely happy camper for Christmas this year. HECK YES!

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