Kristen Stewart as a Stripper: Dreams do come true

2 12 2009

Creepyville, pop. 1 (me)

No really I have been shocking even myself with my creep factor these days but SERIOUSLY look at some of these stills from Welcome to the Rileys. *gulp*

can human beings possibly get any more bad ass? no




wounded vulnerable Stew


tony soprano and a slutty bella swan, bet you NEVER thought you'd see that


I am really digging the color and feel of this film. THIS FILM IS GOING TO KILL!!!! cant wait cant wait.

[pics via @KstewDevotee]




6 responses

2 12 2009
Jeje (ihlf88)

Omg is this making yu have heart palpitations as I do? I’m thinking there’s something wrong with me right now :O

2 12 2009

Is it just me or does that fact that Tony Soprano is starring at a pretty much half naked 19-year-old K.Stew creep anyone else out … makes me think, dirty old man, gross. When does this movie come out again? She is kicking it these days, I do so hope she stays on the straight and narrow path like so many of the other wonderful actresses out there. Lord knows we don’t need another L.Lohan.

3 12 2009

tony s. always gets the butt

3 12 2009

im completly straight but that girl does something to me! when I saw her I wanted to leap on her legs!

3 12 2009

nobody is completely straight in my book ;D

15 12 2009
Stormed Castle

So apples and oranges don’t fall from the same tree?

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