My Life IS Twilight

1 12 2009

No more Eff My Life. No more My Life is Average….

It’s all about

Everytime I watch the news and see a weather map of the US, I say to myself, “I wonder how cold it is in Forks”. MLIT

you are my life now




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1 12 2009

“Usually, when I’m in the kitchen frying an egg, I’m thinking I could probably make a damn good one on Jacob’s ‘hot’ chest instead.”

1 12 2009

‘Whenever I wake up in the night to a noise I wonder if a vampire had been watching me sleep’ MLIT

1 12 2009

OK 100% off topic… KStews pants in this shoot are fugly… Just sayin’…. carry on

1 12 2009

lol @ “I learned songs about the Confederacy so Jasper would love me.” MLIT.

1 12 2009

LOL @ ‘I asked my boyfriend to put ice on his lips for a minute before kissing him so it felt like edward was kissing me.he did.’

1 12 2009

“When I stare into my boyfriends yellow eyes, I think hmmm, they look like Edwards … Whenever I see a Volvo when driving, I get the urge to speed up to see if its a Cullen … Whenever I think about reading a book, it’s automatically one from the Saga … Every morning when I wake up and turn on my computer, the second website that I ALWAYS check is (Gmail comes first).” MLIT.

1 12 2009

Next year I’m going to Europe. I’m stopping by LA for the week eclipse is released. MLIT

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