Kristen Stewart: Welcome to the Rileys

1 12 2009

James Gandolfini as Doug Riley
Melissa Leo as Lois Riley
Kristen Stewart as Mallory

You cannot fuck with that cast. This movie is going to be TIGHT.

IMDB quick plot summary: A troubled young woman unites a grieving couple who have drifted apart after the death of their daughter. For the full synopsis click here.

And I know that the Stew gets her ass beat in this film, which may make me want to throw my soda at the screen in anger, but I’m down to watch nevertheless. Someone get this girl an Oscar.

the Rileys and Mallory

so gritty, so stoked!

Now because this is a little indie drama, the release dates keep getting changed. Right now its: TBA 2010. Thanks indie dudes, that’s helpful.




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