Our real life Edward

30 11 2009

So we have this friend who looks a whole lot like Rob Pattinson. In fact, after i watched Twilight for the first time i could not look this friend directly in the face without blushing.

edward? (minus the neck tats)

Edward? minus the neck tats

Does anyone else have a real life  Edward look-a-like?
If you do please share! These men deserve to be immortalized on our blog.

(btdubs he bought that pillow for his girlfriend to sleep on)



7 responses

30 11 2009

this is so awesome laura, im blasting his ass on facebook. how did you get this pic? lol and who’s pillow is that really? LOLz

30 11 2009

I took the pic at Asylum on Saturday. We were getting “day drunk” and Jimmy ran to Blockbuster to get “always sunny” – season 3 and came back with this pillow and the Swazye autobiography.

30 11 2009

FYI he spent $20 on the pillow.

30 11 2009

front street, population 1.

30 11 2009

haha omg he bought the pillow for $20…

30 11 2009

i almost bought that pillow at blockbuster too. no lie.

1 12 2009

this is amazing. really. AMAZING!

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