Nikki Reed peed on Kristen Stewart

29 11 2009

This is Nikki Reed on “it’s On with Alexa Chung”.

This interview is so great on so many levels. She fangirls out about meeting John Mayer backstage, and then he comes out and eye fucks her the rest of the interview. Then at the very end, he goes: “Kristen Stewart is so hardcore, she has like no media training, it’s awesome.” hahaha, John Mayer totally wants to have a threesome with Nikki and Kristen. (I love making up rumors and spreading them.)

P.S. Nikki is such an awesome girl, like I’ve always said. I’m glad people are starting to notice. Cute, intelligent, and she likes Biggie. Get on her level.




2 responses

29 11 2009
ti Jane

LMAO nikki is so freakin cute!

30 11 2009

agreesies. like her a lot. Especially because her ambitions go well beyond just being an actress.

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