Team Edward TG

25 11 2009

just give thanks.




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25 11 2009
ti Jane

ohhh myyyyy

he is so DELICIOUS! i’ll have a main fish of rob with a side dish of emmett, carlisle, and jasper please!

25 11 2009

This year I am thankful for the Saga, thankful that I finally gave in and watched the movie and then read the books, not once, not twice, but now on my fourth try. I am thankful that even though I know what’s going to happen, the books still don’t bore me. I am thankful Stephenie Meyer’s had a dream about a girl and a boy, a vampire, in a meadow and that she decided to roll with it. I am thankful that Summit decided to turn the Saga into a movie and would be even more thankful if they would finally spill whether or not BD was a definite yes. I am thankful for the cast (minus BryceHo, I am not thankful that she took Rachel’s spot) that continously does an amazing job with each installment. And finaly and most importantly, I am thankful for my SigO sisters who had the fabulous idea of starting such an AMAZINg and informative blog that allows me to share my Twi love with other’s on a daily basis. Happy Twigiving Everyone!

25 11 2009

GOD DAMN he is good looking.

26 11 2009

aw twilex, you r uber sweet. happy TWIgiving!!

29 11 2009

As always, my boyfriends family (like everyone else I know) gave me a hard time for loving the Saga this weekend. His sister on more than one occasion pointed out to everyone how I’m a Twihard over and over. I will note though that when “The Blind Side” was sold out so the bf’s mother and I went and saw “New Moon” instead while the other part of our group saw “Pirate Radio” that she couldn’t get over how the theatre was filled with mostly girls in their 20’s and older women. Honestly, they just don’t understand the Saga and I’ve pretty much given up on them understanding.

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