Edward Cullen Heroin

24 11 2009

LITERALLY, your own personal brand of heroin.

“Everyone is making a buck off of this craze, from the toy industry, to sex toys, to food, and now even heroin dealers are hopping on board. If you ask me that makes the most sense anyway.

There’s been some new ‘artwork’ circulating from LI into the city on the little packages of China, the words ‘TWILIGHT’ with above it some kind of shitty cartoon rendition of Edward. Poor kid already seems to have enough of a hard time dealing with the fact that he makes 12 year olds have orgasms, now he’s part of people getting high too! The cops are saying that the packages most likely came from a city drug mill. 

There honestly is no better way to get that real vampire look then to become a disgusting heroin junkie. Time for a new obsession America!”

– Written By Tabatha from the MOBLiving.com , the Most Official Bitches online blog.

(I cut out the part where she said she heard New Moon sucked ten marble dicks)



2 responses

25 11 2009

shit’s not bad

25 11 2009

they should really say “bella” considering she was his brand… i mean get it right.

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