Under Kristen Stewart’s Trench

20 11 2009

BOOM. I'm Dead now. Thanks Kristen.

This is Kristen Stewart last night at the NYC screening of New Moon. I love this bitch. She wins at life.



4 responses

20 11 2009

always a win when your eyes match your frock. stunner.

20 11 2009

I know this sounds mean but it’s not…I kinda love how her pale legs are kinda “see-through veiny”. It makes her more real. Like she is too busy to bother with putting shitty bronzer lotion on them.

20 11 2009

she is too busy!

21 11 2009

At least we know she’ll have amazing skin when she’s older. Seriously she is an amazing actor … I can’t lie, I did question her ability after watching her in Adventureland because she kept on doing her lip bite which made me think of Bella. So that just threw off the whole movie for me because every mannerism, I was like Bella. But then watching her in New Moon yesterday, the way she portrays Bella as described in the book, she seriously nailed it. And then Panic Room was on TV last night and for being so young when she was in that, her character was certainly not Bella like. So I find he amazing.

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