Tim Burton might direct Breaking Dawn

20 11 2009


The man.

OK this could be the coolest thing ever–especially after seeing Weitz’s vision of the transformed Bella in New Moon (as if, she looked like Laura Ingalls–come on dude). **SPOILER ALERT** do not click that link if you haven’t seen New Moon yet.


This may be rabid speculation. Maybe rumors are flying since last night when Ashley said:
“The fourth one’s a little odd, a little weird, and I definitely think that Tim Burton would put an amazing spin on it.”

I love Tim Burton. He is the ultimate. A Nightmare Before Christmas is on my all-time faves movie list for sure. This would be my dream come true. Here’s hoping!

Check it out over at the Examiner.




4 responses

20 11 2009

that would seriously be…. epic.

20 11 2009

I can really only point to what Kevin Smith says about Tim Burton’s Batman movies. He may be a great director, but I don’t honestly think he would be great for this particular project. Without being confined to an IP his work certainly shines, but given how artistic he is combined with the strict rules Meyer has placed on the Saga as a whole, would probably(hopefully in my opinion) be enough to make him balk at the project.

21 11 2009

perhaps…but his vision of transformed bella would be amazing.

21 11 2009

I guess this should be the point where I give my review of what I thought about New Moon because I really agree with T and feel like while Burton may be a great director, I really feel as though a woman needs to direct BD and bring back that emotional factor. With that said, here’s my review of New Moon (which by the way, can I just say how HAPPY I was that the people in the theater with me ranged from all ages, at one point I would have said I was the youngest, but then some moms had obviously pulled their daughters out of school. Two grandma’s were sitting next to my friends and I and I think there were at least five guys there), anyway … So I can’t decide if I liked Twilight better or New Moon, they both bring totally different things to the table. I feel as though I enjoyed Katharine’s cinematography better that Chris’s; I found her’s more visually appealing. At times it reminded me of a Harry Potter movie in the manner that the director was trying to take a really long book and play it out in a little over two hour movie, leaving scenes cut short or the dialogue awkward. I know there are time constraints and you want to give the audience the most out of the book as possible but because of the way it was cut, it sometimes didn’t flow correctly (like a group paper written by three differen people, when first put together you can tell it’s been written by three people, but after four hours of editing by one, it now has a flow). There were scenes that I would have definitely liked to have seen played out longer, well played out more as they had in the book (like Jacob telling Bella he didn’t want to be friends anymore, I swear he sounded meaner in the book), HOWEVER, I will say this, I am so glad that each of those scenes were included in the movie, even if they were a little too short. I was definitely on the edge of my seat waiting for the next situation to occur. Also, Twilight appeared to be taped more outside, there were times during New Moon when things seem so green screen, maybe it was the change in location that caused this to occur. For instance, you have in the beginning of Twilight when you have a Southwest plane leaving Arizona, well near the end of NM you have a plane leaving for Italy and it just didn’t seem real. I cried twice, when Edward first leaves Bella and then when they reunite, it was just so wonderful … maybe it is why I was antsy during the whole middle section of the movie because I was waiting for Edward to come back. Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and YES even Edward need to go back to the hair they had in Twilight, it was so much better. Also, it is just me or did all the Cullen families eyes seem more prominent this time around, while they were the golden butterscotch color in Twilight, they seemed to stick out more in New Moon which made them seem less real. As for Jacob, wow that boy put on a lot of muscle, I mean I knew he did going into the movie, but seriously, he’s huge. There was a point when I just wanted him to get it on with Bella, they way they are together, but I hate how he got made at Mike at the movies since that’s now how it happened in the book. HOWEVER, the CGI is amazing, crap the werewolves at one point scared the crap out of me that I jumped in my seat, they are definitely fierce looking. And then there is the Volturi, they are definitely bad ass, especially Aro, Michael Scheen does an an amazing job here. All in all, I left the theater yesterday in a high, an emotional high that I would try to relate to actually being high but I’ve never been so at last, I cannot. But the moment I stepped out of that theater all I wanted to do was turn back around and go back in and see it again.

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