The Cinema Society and D&G Host a Screening of New Moon

19 11 2009

Tonight. In NYC. Kristen and Nikki together! Yay! Eff the Nikki haters!

um is it me or does kristen keep getting hotter and hotter with every press event?

my fave makeup yet! cuz that's how I wear mine, duh

there are those sick Louboutins again.

[lots more pics at KstewartFan]



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19 11 2009

So I just got home from class and I go to tell my boyfriend about my little discovery in the book, anyway, he goes on to tell me how NM has gotten nothing but horrible reviews from the critiques. All I can say is he will not be getting lucky tonight.

19 11 2009

you know… i hate how people listen to critics! Go make your own opinion on it! Don’t base your opinion off other people’s! My dad is like that… it drives me NUTS!

20 11 2009

Agree! I honestly feel like you haven’t read the books, you don’t/won’t understand the story. It’s like Harry Potter, they cut so much out in the movies that I fee like I would be lost if I hadn’t read the books prior to seeing them. Furthemore, as you said, it’s all opinion base, the critics are simply stating their opinions. If I am to take into account anyone’s opinion, it will be that of a true fan.

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