Just Saw New Moon – InstaReview

19 11 2009

TayLaut is HUGE – like oddly huge. It’s the Jacob Show fo sho.

Jambo, Jbone, Nikki Reed, Slutz, PFach … pretty much everyone has like 1 maybe 2 lines.

Except Ashley. Alice gets her fair share of screen time. 

Edward is … well, SO Edward.

so fucking epic

so effing epic


Admittedly, I was tempted to go Team Jacob, but knowing that was a possibility, I had mentally prepared myself for that.The wolf scenes, in general, are super tight.

The climax and best-shot best post-produced scene in the entire movie is Victoria being chased by the wolves.

There is a secret non-soundtrack song that makes its debut in the movie.

It’s funny … in a weird twihard way.

The ending is fucking EPIC.



5 responses

19 11 2009

PERFECT recap JJ! We shall all discuss tomorrow after we go to the double feature TWI-MOON! BE there ya’ll, so good i’m gonna watch twice and then some!

19 11 2009

Agreed about the ending, even though i know what happens i was like OH MY GOD. haha!

19 11 2009

AHHH come on 1 p.m. tomorrow. And I turned down a ticket for a sneak premiere tonight because I already had a ticket for tomorrow, money is tight right now and I’m going to watch Twilight when I get home from class tonight. OMG my biggest fear is that I’m going to go Team Jacob too JJ, I hope I can stay as strong as you. OMG I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Did anyone else notice that in Twilight, instead of a character saying “Holy Cow” they say “Holy Crow.” I thought it was a one time spelling mistake but it keeps on happening, is this some saying I don’t know about?

19 11 2009

yes Holy Crow is it’s own saying, probably pre dating Holy Cow. and Bella uses it a lot in the books.

19 11 2009

So I guess it predates me then. Hmmmmm. Gosh it must predate all of us, or just not have been an East Coast/Maryland thing growing up. I think I might trying using it from now on. As my new favorite saying is “you can google it.” I told a caller at work that yesterday and they asked me how to google. I was speechless, I mean SERIOUSLY!?!

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