Another New Moon InstaReview

19 11 2009

By ME, Cupcake.

OK, so we saw the New Moon last night. It was Epic. I am still emotionally recovering. I did not sob, but I did tear up and got goosebumps throughout the film. JJ, however, had poached eggs for eyes by the time the movie was over. True story.

New Moon was my second favorite of the series, and I happen to adore Jacob, so I loved it. It IS the Jacob show. But don’t worry Edward lovers, there is plenty of Edward, in really fancy outfits no less.

it's satisfying to say the least

Bella looks prettier in this film then she did in Twilight. 

The way they handled the blank chapters was really effective. 

Rachelle Lefevre did not even have any speaking lines in the film, which was a big disappointment for me because she will not be in Eclipse.

HOWEVER, as JJ said, the sickest scene in the entire film is the scene in which the wolves are chasing her through the woods, and then she dives off the cliff, all to the Radiohead joint. The whole scene makes SUCH AN IMPACT.

This movie really belongs to Taylor, Kristen, Rob and Ashley.

You will laugh everytime Jasper comes on screen with that wig.

You will love more than Twilight, especially if you are a book purist.

The End.




5 responses

19 11 2009

Thank god. Twilight wasn’t much like the book. In fact, I’m pretty sure id have been lost had I not read the book before hand.

Stoked for the movie! Unfortch I’m going a day late, but still opening weekend so I’ll take it! 🙂

19 11 2009

Wolf/Victoria Scene… nailed it.

19 11 2009

You said it perfectly!!! Looooved it! You can tell the budget was waaayy bigger too, everything was done so well.

Is 48 hours long enough to wait to see it again?

19 11 2009

STOked that at least one movie follows the books, here’s to hoping the next one’s do as well. I was disappointed that Twilight movie didn’t follow the book, sad to say it took me the second time through reading it to realize it.

All those critics out there can suck it! All I have to do is make it through work tomorrow till noon and then its off to the movies!

20 11 2009

just so you know, Rachelle did have lines of dialogue, some hilarious ones, a scene that the screenwriter said was her favorite to write for the whole film. but scummit isn’t interested in giving the fans what they want, as in the real victoria. . . for scummit its all about $$$ and they knew Twilight fans would come to the movie anyway. . . and most will.

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