Knoxville Benefit Pics

18 11 2009

Here is that dress!  Just like I promised you twi hearts.

they did it for the childrenz

pin-upy, nice peep toes

dont mess with the stew, she out attitudes even me

Team Jacob!

In mere hours, We will be watching New Moon. I’m soexcite.

[Lots and lots more HQ pics at]



6 responses

18 11 2009

Here’s the thing… Taylor is pretty much at the top of his game. Perfectly tailored suits, ripped shit chest… where do you go from here? I hope he doesn’t turn out like countless other young stars, once the hype machine is laid to rest… am I crazy?

18 11 2009

No jinxing the underage cutie! (I’m afraid of that for these kid too.)

18 11 2009

Just seen the film, advanced screening, wont say anything apart from it was everything I wanted and so much more, Chris Weitz basically took it straight from the book and kristen and taylor were particuarly amazing, they both understand their characters so well. oh and yes, I cried alot 🙂

18 11 2009

God, Allie I’m about to join you in your almost lesbo crush. She’s just so pretty. Look at the glow. Like for real, photo 3. She was great on Conan. We would so be BFF’s if we ever hung out but not as bffy as Allie & Kristen, you to are a BFF match made in heaven!

19 11 2009

she would love me, I just know it. no psycho

19 11 2009

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE her dress and her hair, now that’s its finally growing out it is looking absolutely fabulous. And thanks for the heads up KEZ because I’m pretty sure I am going to repeat what happened when I read NM, I guess its a good thing the BF will be at work when I’m at the movies as he’ll probably think something horrible happened to me again.

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