New Moon Premiere is Tonight!

16 11 2009

Can you feel it in the air? This is the week we’ve been waiting for, oh so patiently. And now it is upon us. ::goosebumps::


fives on my spot y'all

Twihards have been camping out in Westwood Village since Thursday at the Mann’s Village Theatre and Bruin Theatre, where the big event is going down tonight.

First in line was Alison Genet, 35, who drove from Gilbert, Ariz., arriving Thursday morning.

“I couldn’t get here fast enough,” said Genet, who runs the social networking site “I want to be front and center when Monday comes around.”

She made the five-hour trip with fellow “Twilight” devotee Kim Clarkson in a Mini Cooper loaded with blankets and “Twilight” goodies. They even put up a sign declaring where the line started. [via LA Times]

Tonight, the red carpet event is being streamed LIVE on the New Moon Premiere official Myspace page at 6pm PT / 9pm ET, and also on UStream. Let’s all cross our fingers that these sites don’t get overloaded when it matters most.

Any other live feeds you know of? Let us know! We’ll see you on the tweet tonight!




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16 11 2009


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