MSN’s Virtual Tour of Twilight!

16 11 2009

Have you taken the Twi pilgrimage out to the Pacific Northwest? How about out to Montelpulciano, Italy to visit Volterra? I’m trying to convince my SigBoy that it would be worth it for the wine and food alone, and I think he’s cracking.


forks 2.0

Now, thanks to MSN, Bing, and the magic of the internet, you can take an interactive virtual tour of Forks, La Push, Port Angeles and Volterra. The exclusive Twilight video tour features 16 of Twilight’s and New Moon’s most exciting locations, such as the Cullen house, Forks Police Station, Forks Hospital, Bella Italia, the dress shop and the book store.

There are also a bunch of special narrated video segments:

  • Land of Legends – learn about werewolf and vampire mythology in the Olympic peninsula (Narrated by JamBo and Party Wolf)
  • Bella’s Birthday –  see how Bella’s birthday is celebrated at the actual Stephanie Meyer Day in Forks, Washington
  • High School Tour – take a ride through the hallways of Forks High School
  • Transformation of Forks – see how the city of Forks, Washington has transformed into a “Twihard” haven


[via Examiner]




2 responses

16 11 2009

Oh the homage to the homeland, I can’t lie I prefer Movie version Forks a heck of a lot better than real town Forks. But the drive there from Seattle is definitely worth the trip and the street that Bella Italia is on in Port Angeles is the cutest street ever, definitely wish we had gotten there a little bit earlier (if only we hadn’t had to waste time driving to Wal-Mart to buy a new camera after the Pacific Ocean splashed and ruined mine) to be able to stop in each shop. And while I have not been Montelpulciano, if it is anything like Rome, Florence, Pisa, Sorrento, etc. oh I believe that is one of the next places I visit when I one day return to Italy. But seriously, the woods are exactly the same, I thought they looked so fake in the movie but they really look out there. Man I wish the forest of the East Coast look like that.

16 11 2009

P.S. I guess I won’t be doing any homework tonight with this virtual tour and the MTV specials on at 10.

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