Searching for eternal love?

12 11 2009

Man, this morning I was catching up on all my headlines… Tiffanie Amber Thiessen is pregnant (peace out Saved By the Bell Reunion, unless they decide to battle the hard issues like getting knocked up in your 40s) and Spencer Pratt is debating getting a vasectomy (Next up on the View).

On the same page is this beaut of an ad…

Love Ad

May as well be searching for an eternal lawyer...

I’m telling you this… (cue music “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)”) Nobody is finding animal magnetism like that on Catch Me (record scratch). I wonder what would happen if the Summit Bloodhounds found this… I mean they didn’t even photoshop out the “sparkle points,” wtf.

Menh. 8 DAYS, 8 DAYS!!!!!



2 responses

12 11 2009

Oh I heard about Tiffanie last night on E! So excited for her. I wonder if Summit will make them pull this ad if they didn’t get permission to use the photo.

12 11 2009

aha HA HAbahahajajakwjdnklamsdfs

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