Robear and his Rohair

12 11 2009

ok, since we are on the topic of hair…



Building on the beautiful Alliecupcake’s post of the EW cover that comes out Friday, let’s talk about Robert talking about his hair. Definitely one of my favorite subjects.

“…The hair is 75 percent of my performance,” the hottiest said. “So in [New Moon] I said, ‘Listen, I need to tone down the hair. Let’s make it a little more real. And then in [Eclipse], I’m doing fight scenes and there’s a strand going down my forehead and they’re like, ‘We need to do it again because no one will recognize you! No one will know who it is!’ I have to look like the poster at all times. … There were about five people in different departments who, because of my forelock, ended up in tears.”

Grab it up Friday, or you can pre-order copies of the Entertainment Weekly with Kristen, Taylor and Robert on the cover here (and also score a free New Moon poster).




3 responses

12 11 2009

Ooooo too long, too long. Just a dad bit shorter and he’s fab looking. I must say, I am totally digging the New Moon hair. Mmmm 7 more days.

12 11 2009

Totally just realized that the BF has RP’s eyebrows and that’s about all I can say to compare, although his eyes are a golden color, like cat eyes or almost like Edwards when he’s full.

13 11 2009

::brushes forelock aside::

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