Birthday Scene Stills

12 11 2009

Let’s talk about Jasper’s hair doo for a minute.

I believe that fellow sig’ O JJ hit the nail on the head when she coined the term “Great Aunt Mildred”.
The first twilight movie’s plot accuracy was on point with the books, but what i don’t understand is how they interpreted Jasper’s hair to look like a Dixie Chick or a 60 y.o. woman. And it’s only gotten worse with New Moon.
Hopefully they have hired a new wig stylist for the next two installments, Eclipse and BD.






Are you there God it's me Aunt Mildred?

Now, I’m not hating on the movies at all. I love Jasper just as much as before. I’m just a little disappointed with the hair/wig stylist. I know a lot of people that could have blown it out of the water and this is why I’m perturbed.



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12 11 2009

hair don’t

12 11 2009

I still say Jon Heder in Blades of Glory.

12 11 2009

yeah I was totally going with Napolean Dynamite but now that you pointed that out, Jimmy MacElroy for sure.

12 11 2009

not quite the right shade of red for napolean! lol….but i would like to hear jasper say….”you stupid Llama..”

12 11 2009

It’s like an old woman at glamour shots styled it. It’s strange that NO ONE who works on the set stopped this from happening. Was the wig stylist such a diva that no one dare cross them? “Don’t cross Old Harriette, she’ll cut-cha”

12 11 2009

I’m with hollerway….total blades of glory hair. Forget the stylists-where are the continuity people? Why didn’t j.bone say “umm…why is my grandma’s hair piece on my head?”

Can vamps even grow their hair? I’m. Going with a no…

12 11 2009

i mean… they’re dead, right? I don’t think they can grow their hair.

12 11 2009
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