London hand holding. Robsten 4eva.

10 11 2009

Um, do you see what I see?  This is a picture snapped of Kristen and Rob (Taylor inset) arriving Nov 10th in London on their whirlwind, no doubt romantic, promotional tour of New Moon


is it a hand hold? you decide.

They def are staying in secret hotel rooms where the floors and walls are made of down comforters, and sometimes chocolate rain falls from the sky. Def. LBH.



6 responses

10 11 2009

Is it just me or dose KS look a little bit like Cortney Cox???

11 11 2009

OMG, Jajajudy I have been thinking the exact same thing! I even think many post ago I posted something similar because I had been flipping through the channels one night and came across THS: Courtney Cox and at times it was seriously like watching K.Stew.

11 11 2009
11 11 2009

Go here and see a gallery of all the super zoomed in pics! It’s def a hand hold!!

11 11 2009

handhold handhold handhold!!

11 11 2009

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