Caius and Laurent, in my own backyard.

10 11 2009

This isn’t Forks. This isn’t Montepulciano. This is Fairfax. Virginia.

People, I don’t even know where to begin. Of all the people and all the places…. Jamie Campbell Bower and Edi Gathegi, at MY MALL! The mall that shaped my suburban american mall-rat upbringing. The mall that I once saw Vanilla Ice chilling at, now, this mall, Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax VA, brought me JamBo & Laurent.

It was so cool.

Here’s how it went down… (Read more after the jump!)

the flyer

thx JJ for sending this to me

Arrive at 7ish, find the New Moon post up in the middle of the mall. Turns out there was an autograph signing inside Hot Topic … with only 500 people waiting in line to get autographs. Checked in with New Moon Station attendants, gonna be an hour and a half before the Q&A session. Proceed to Vans store and bought sweet shades & girly kicks. Milling about, trying not to spend any more money, I lurk outside Hot Topic to see if i can catch a glimpse.

Hot Pockets Hot Topics

Every time i say the name of this store the tune to the hot pockets jingle pops into my head.

no dice.

Wandering back over to the New Moon courtyard, this irony of these two scenes just yards away from each other strikes me:

Santa Station

Santa, with 2 toddlers waiting in line to see him

the new christmas

New Moon Crushing the Christmas right out of him

The excitement builds, the emcee is quizzing the excitable yet patient audience, its now 7:45-ish and she’s giving away t-shirts to people who have been waiting in that center ring since 3:00 in the afternoon, but only if they can answer the tough questions like, where was Robear born….puhlease. if i could just get through the crowd those bitches would’ve been schooled.

suddenly the mood shifts.

The emcee has apparently gotten the word that JamBo and Edi are on the move, and she get the crowd to start chanting CAIUS LAURENT CAUIS LAURENT… this chant doesn’t last long as at the first site of the two vampys coming down the corridor it turns into an high pitched screams…Ssquuueeeee!!

the first emcee — the hype man — has stepped down and JamBo and Edi are up on the stage! (JCB you’ll note, arrived wearing a burger king paper crown – 2cute. i wonder if he’s looking for an endorsement deal, perhaps to unseat the king, perhaps a gift from an adoring fan.)

Questions start coming in from the audience, your standard Twi questions like:

If you could have one of the vampire’s powers, which one would it be?

JamBo: “James’ powers,” but then in reflection said — “it would be pretty cool to have any power at all actually

Edi then chimed in, ‘but not Edward’s power, cause that would get annoying…

Blurry Vampys

Q&A session in full effect.

Other answers we got from the two:

Favorite band?

JCB – “Rolling Stones

Edi – “If you could combine Lil Wayne and Coldplay.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

JCB – “Team Edward

Edi – “Team Jacob

What other character would you like to play if not your own?

JCB -” Bella” 😉

Edi  – “James

Jamie at one point said in a playful tone, … “it’s hard working with Robert Pattinson because he’s so pretty! … sometimes I feel ugly around him…” 🙂

How was it working with Dakota Fanning?

JCB – “…she’s Brilliant.

You also had your not so standard questions from the crowd, there were multiple requests for hugs, one prom invitation to which JamBo ACCEPTED! and a request for high-fives with set off a wave of hands in the air, and it was like we were at a rock concert.

This event was so tight. I only wish I got to get my question into the mix.

New Moon T's

Matchy Matchy!

There are a few more malls on the New Moon Cast Tour, hope you might get to go to one and get a STOked as I did! We’re any of you there, do you have stories to tell?


Thank you


....and goodnight!



3 responses

10 11 2009

erin you are a true twi warrior

10 11 2009

that video is so squeelicious!

12 11 2009

Why oh why wasnt i there with you erin?!?!?!

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