R and K: Harper’s Bazaar Gloriousness

5 11 2009

Oh lookie who’s on the cover of the December Harpers Bazaar. They did a joint interview/photoshoot. The shoot is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen them do. To view all the pics go here: Harper’s Bazaar.com .

All that speculation, we knew it was coming!


there's our cover


she's a princess!


snuggletown. pop. 2


it's the meadow scene but in more fabulous clothes!


models slash actors

I have died. This died me.



8 responses

5 11 2009

this is so breaking dawn

5 11 2009

This is amazing. It’s such a beautiful and elegant photoshoot. They both look so good!

5 11 2009

Breathtaking … I love the motorcycle picture, the way he is looking back at her to make sure she’s okay. Speechless, they just scream love and elegance, this folks is what Hollywood is suppose to be like. I don’t remember who, it might have been you JJ that compared KS to Reese Witherspoon, but it is so true, which me likey.

5 11 2009

By the way, that article was amazing. I don’t know if I’m just prejudice, but I really do feel like they are down-to-earth, an everyday person and not some fame loving, paparizzi chasing, name in lights sort of folks.

5 11 2009

yes! i loved kristen’s cat “fuck you” comment!

5 11 2009

hi fashion meadow scene is melting my icy icy heart.

6 11 2009

Last pic is my fave. old goth hollywood, love the shoes!

8 12 2009

I am completely obsessed with Bella and Edward’s love!!! It’s so unique, and heart jerking! It is what people go through in a real reltionship. Even if you or your boyfriend isn’t a vampire, we all still go through situations where we may have to leave in order to protect the person you love. I loved the movie! I really do have faith in this saga. The books are AWESOME! I am REALLY looking forward to Eclipse….But Breaking Dawn is going to be the BOMB DIGGITY!!!

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