Kristen: “Fame is cold and desolate, like Vamps”

2 11 2009

Black Book Magazine has an article entitled “Kristen Stewart’s Epiphany”.

She really is too smart for this Hollyweird shit. She doesn’t DO fame kids, she is an ACTOR.

haha I just LOLz-ed at myself for saying that so seriously, BUT I MEAN IT GOD DAMN IT!!!!

” Stewart’s candidness is refreshing. She adamantly wants to avoid becoming too A-list. “I don’t want to be a movie star like Angelina Jolie. Nothing about being a celebrity is desirable. I’m an actor. It’s bizarre to me that everybody’s so obsessive.” It’s like growing up in a Hollywood universe and watching their peers, like Lindsay Lohan, implode so publically, young would-be A-listers tread showbiz turf with more practiced reservation than even venerable Oscar darlings.”


you can do whatever you want girl, you get 12 mill a film to bite your lower lip, you WIN!

And now, A TRIBUTE TO YOUR LOWER LIP BITING. A Montage if you will.

Love you Boo.





3 responses

2 11 2009

here’s to hoping she goes the classy reese witherspoon and not the trashy lohan route. and i’m sure she will.

2 11 2009

She bites her lip because Bella bites her lip.

2 11 2009

JJ you said it exactly. It’s so refreshing to see an young actor with her attitude and not the sick fame whores out there like Lohan and Hilton, ugh. KS recognizes actoring for what it is, her chosen professoin and not some hyped up, fame, spotlight whoring that other’s out there … cough, cough, Jon Gosselin … make it be. But gosh darn it, that girl huffs in air and bites her lower lip like 20 million times in any movie that she does. Seriously, major respect for her and I hope she grows up to be like Reese.

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