Super Fan Ish

31 10 2009

Get your very own piece of Twi. Literally.

You can get TWILIGHT TRADING CARDS wih actual relics of the clothing worn by the cast while filming.  Purchase these “pieceworks” Trading cards in sets of 12, to get a snippet of  the ‘T-shirt worn by Robert Pattinson as Edward’  … & you  get a little bit of Jacob’s jeans is thats more to your liking, Team Wolfpack (*ahem SarahTerrible).

Gimme a piece of that.

Gimme a piece of that T.

When I saw this I thought, now that is taking it to a real deal super-fan level, like religious icons and relics…. but on second thought… its not nearly as super-fan as the pants a few posts back… that a whole ‘nother kind of dedication…

Thanks for the tip KaFANGas!




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