Robear Panties – taken to the next level

30 10 2009

His beautiful face not just on the outside of the pantaloons


my hubby would be so weirded out if i wore these. bummer.

But inside as well….


icing on the cake.

Just curious, but would you wear these? I’m on the fence.




5 responses

30 10 2009

i saw these too, i am also on the fence. it’s almost too raunchy for edward’s chivalrous love. if it was emmett i’d rock those things night and day.

30 10 2009

I would wear these, fuck it. Id buy it in a bikini too, rock that shit at the beach.
there is NOTHING too far about these. haha

30 10 2009

Uhhhhh. why am i blushing like a 13 yr old girl???? … y yes… yes i would …but only for a min 😉

31 10 2009
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5 11 2009

Dear Santa……ive been a very good girl! Pls oh pls bring me these for christmas

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