KBitch voted Fave Female Movie Star. Duh

30 10 2009

And beats out that tranny Megan Fox. So tight!

Favorite Female Movie Star
Kristen Stewart – 37%
Emma Watson – 24%
Ellen Page – 5%
Megan Fox – 15%
Hayden Panettiere – 19%

Ok, so as you can tell this was an AOL poll directed at teens, and for once, they voted right. Cause if that stumpy Hayden Panettiere had won, I would have lost all faith in the youth of today.,

Real Talk.







3 responses

30 10 2009

welcome home 🙂

30 10 2009

I love your guys’ blog and everything, but please stop making these very rude comments about us youthful folk. There are some of us who find this blog offensive. I have shown some of my friends this blog in general, and they loved it. But this. This was found offensive to the majority of the younger readers for this blog. Please, if there’s any way, to refrain from insulting comments like these. Thank you.

31 10 2009

sweetie, I love you but the beauty of this blog is that it is written for and by women in their late 20/30s. It really is an R Rated blog and we love that you read it, but it’s supposed to be inappropriate, that’s our M.O. Like Twitarded. Maybe we should put a disclaimer on here.

And for the record, I said I WOULD be disappointed in the youth of today if they HAD NOT voted KStew as fave female star. So yay for the youths.

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