DC MD VA SigO’s – Just 2 Weeks Away!

29 10 2009

This shit WILL sell out! BUY TICKETS NOW

We are going to see New Moon opening night – Thursday 11/19 midnight (12:01 am) showing – at the Uptown (AMC Loews Uptown 1) on Connecticut in Cleveland Park. It’s one of DC’s few remaining classic theaters with balcony seating to boot. By Metro, take the red line to Cleveland Park. You can’t miss it.

Yes, it’s a school night, sorry young’uns!

They are having a DOUBLE FEATURE:

9pm – Twilight

12:01am – New Moon

If you go to see Twilight, you can save your seat for New Moon!!

I will cut a bitch for upper balcony seats.

Get STOked

Come hang. Don’t sleep on buying your tix! Clicky clicky

[If you already bought your tix for Chinatown, they will refund you. You just gotta go there in person.]




4 responses

16 10 2009

Have fun without me!!! I’ll be in White Marsh at the midnight showing. I have a clinical at 7am and I don’t want to push it by being in DC that late at night!!!

17 10 2009


20 10 2009

i am all over this!
p.s. man my prom dress is so sweet

22 10 2009

wee just got my tix!

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