TayTay Pics – (Lautner & Swift) at the LA Kings Game

26 10 2009

OOhhhhh SNAP! TayTay is on and popping.

TayTay - so sweet - like a vanilla and cinnamon latte.

Not only did TayTay go to the hockey game together last night, the were also spotted at a Beverly Hills hotel where photographers reported they spent the night together. Bownt-chicka-bownt-boowwwnnt.

She is 19, He is 17. Ahh, young love. Please enjoy their adorableness in this video. TayLaut just admired her from foot level during her Fearless tour in Chicago earlier this month.




3 responses

26 10 2009

friends with benefits? … I don’t think so…

27 10 2009

She’s such a sweetheart and he makes 17 year olds look so mature, I can’t say anything bad about either of them. They are so well spoken and handle this thing call fame oh so well. So good for them.

28 10 2009

taylor swift’s hand is HUGE

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