FULL Break Up Scene

22 10 2009

Warning, this is a major spoiler. The entire scene is here. You WILL cry. I watched it now to prevent anything embarrassing happening on opening night.

If you feel like there have been too many clips shown, dont watch it. If you are a complete fiend and don’t care like JJ and I, ENJOY! and do it QUICKLY!




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22 10 2009

OME.. I wa crying my eyes out. I’m so in trouble for the theater.

22 10 2009

UGH!!! hurts so good. AND roslyn was one of the first tracks on the soundtrack i fell in love with. you can bet that’s on repeat tonight.

22 10 2009

FUCK! i cried aswell! FML

22 10 2009
Would I Twi To You??

Oh wow. This scene reminds me of reading the books. Of taking 2 days off of work and spending a full 4 days reading this one, crying, throwing the book in anger at the Jacob and Edward sitch. I dunno if I can do this. I think my nose just got stuffy.

22 10 2009

O.M.G. ….. so SAD! *sigh* … I hate this book.

22 10 2009

i think i’m lacking the “girlie” gene. :/ good scene. just like the book, however neither made me cry … or even get the sniffles.

is there something wrong with me?

23 10 2009


23 10 2009

Alexis no fear, I didn’t cry either. I balled my eyes out when I read the book, but watching the scene hear, nothing. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME! I think the problem is there is nothing leading up to it, we just jumped right into the scene. We aren’t swept back up by their love, watch the incident with Jasper and then watch the fall leading to the breakup. My guess is when we see the movie, the floodgates will open. I definitely felt my tempo for the day drop, particularly when the melancholy music comes on. UGH, they should just seriounsly release it now, this whole wait another 28 days this is a bunch of crap. Stupid Edward, how coudl he leave her.

23 10 2009

I am never one for surprises…. but i am not going to watch i feel like i have seen the whole movie already in little pieces….. 😦 it is killing me not to look! but i am going to be strong!!!!! ……i want to have that it is finaly here and omg moment at the movie! Cant wait to see you guys again!

23 10 2009

oh man. i would have to check, but i’m pretty that scene is darn near word-for-word plucked right out of the book. LOVE.

23 10 2009

i was dying to know what song they were going to use here–that was almost as delish as watching the scene

it’s also just how i imagined it when i was making my fake new moon soundtrack!

23 10 2009


23 10 2009

anybody know where to watch it now?

23 10 2009
28 10 2009

it’s up here, for now:

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