Edward’s Fancy New Coat

22 10 2009

Can we please discuss this? I was flipping through my New Moon Official Illustrated Movie Companion the other day, and it seems as though our boy has been upgraded.

Nothing says Edward Cullen like  a gray peacoat, right?

the OG twilight peacoat

the OG twilight peacoat

Behold, dear SigOs… the NEW and IMPROVED, fancier, lengthier luxe version for New Moon.

Goodbye, H&M. Hello, Brooks Brothers.

Goodbye, H&M. Hello, Brooks Brothers.



4 responses

22 10 2009

haha they def upgraded his wardrobe for NM. he was fancy to begin with but now he’s straight up tres chic

22 10 2009

his old coat was very forks high while his new one screams “dartmouth are you ready for me?”

23 10 2009

Coat!~ i want nothing at alllllll!!!!! whos with me!!!

6 12 2009
Bring Back Casual Edward « SIGMA TWI OMEGA :: twilight saga sorority | blog | lifestyle

[…] high school wears clothes like that. When NM movie stills starting creeping out, I initially thought his new look was fancy and improved. I’ve officially changed my mind. Team Casual Edward for […]

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