One More Vampire for Eclipse – Kirsten Prout as Lucy

20 10 2009

Behold: Lucy


Lucy: Jasper's old homie

Lucy: Jasper's old homie



The latest addition to the “Twilight” family is 19-year-old Kirsten Prout, who will play the role of Lucy, according to a report from E! News.

Prout is best known as a co-star of the ABC Family sci-fi series “Kyle XY,” in which she played Amanda Bloom, a neighbor and love interest of Kyle, the cloned human at the center of the action.

In the “Twilight” saga, Lucy is a key figure in Jasper Cullen’s (Jackson Rathbone) backstory, having helped create a vampire army with Maria (fellow franchise newcomer Catalina Sandino Moreno), who turned Jasper into a vampire, and Nettie.

[via mtv]




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22 02 2010

Muiitoo linda tee amo ♥

9 06 2010

i am your fan prout

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