NEW NM CLIP- Wolf Boys!!!

20 10 2009

Holy shit this is good. Exclusive iTunes clip.




7 responses

20 10 2009

I’m sorry, but I wish they could of made Jacobs exit from the house a little less blah. It’s almost like he is being careful as he walks out of his house and jumps over the railing, of course once he starts running and shifts into a werefolf the awkwardness pretty much ends. Other then that, Paul shifting into the werewolf is so clean that it is crazy how real it looks. OH BABY one month to go and I cannot wait!

20 10 2009

I LOVE Jacobs exit from the house. Every step is supposed to look so calculated, because he can move so fast!

20 10 2009

Maybe it’s just the short clip, but I think it comes across of him moving way to slow then fast. I definitely expect him to move a lot quicker then he appears to be. It’s almost like its in slow motion.

20 10 2009

Okay, watched it again and again and he does appear to be moving quicker. Oh I love how he protects her (I can’t believe I just said that because I’m so Team Edward).

20 10 2009

Mmmm.. awesomeness!

20 10 2009

It looks AWESOME. I’m so excited. I got my tickets for the midnight showing over the weekend! AHH!

20 10 2009


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