Nikki to Seventeen: WHY I’m Team Jacob

15 10 2009

Nikki Reed has never made it a secret that she is Team Jacob. We’ve already posted about her stance on this. But in November’s Seventeen, with the divine Miss Kristen Stewart gracing the cover, she goes a little more in depth as to why she is Team Jailbait.

I really wish Nikki would give me my scarf back

I really wish Nikki would give me my scarf back

Why She’s on Team Jacob:

“I’m the only one of the cast members that’s Team Jacob, but I am. And that’s because I feel like a bit older than everybody else, and I feel like part of being a kid is having the mentality that Bella has with Edward, which is I’m willing to sacrifice my family and my life, literally my life for this person, because he’s my everything. She’s consumed by him. And for me, that’s never been healthy. I’ve done that before, and I really do take these books seriously. I look at them as being very metaphorical, and for me, Jacob is the one. He’s the right one for her. He’s her friend, he loves her unconditionally, and she doesn’t have to sacrifice anything for him. Relationships are, of course, about compromise, but I don’t think they’re about giving up a part of your life for somebody.”

I am not gonna lie, I kind of agree. 

She also talks about her escape after New Moon wrapped:

“It got really overwhelming when we wrapped the second film with publicity. Having people wait outside of my house sort of gives me a panic attack. I’m a believer in the concept that people should not be followed and photographed everywhere. I decided to leave for a little while, and it turned into a two-month vacation in Greece!”

I’m thinking this is where and when she met her Greek Shipping Billion-heir. Good for you Nikki, Get it! Love  you Boo!

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2 responses

15 10 2009
Kelly O

Totally agree with Nikki on this one.

15 10 2009

that sacrifice for love thing is totally jesus. ease up on the mormon steez, steph.

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