New Moon Soundtrack – So effing tight

13 10 2009

Most of you already know this from all the flurry on Twitter, but for those non-tweeting sigO’s out there…

New Moon soundtrack is being released EARLY due to high demand! (read: because it has already leaked)

…and by early, I mean THIS FRIDAY – 10/16.

announced today via the Official Twilight twitter

announced today via the Official Twilight twitter

Let me preclude my next statement by first saying that I have already ordered my copy in support of the Summit franchise and specifically for the artwork that i can’t wait to pour myself over. I can only imagine all the gajillions in royalties that were probably lost because of the leak… however… I may or may not have already gotten a taste via a little birdy who shall remain nameless.

my official review:

IT’S SOOO MF’ing DOPE!!! I have yet to choose a favorite track.

[via @Twilight]



2 responses

14 10 2009

I thought it was getting released on the 13th of October, when did they push the date back to the 20th (which is, as of last night, what iTunes states the release date to be). I hope iTunes makes it the 16th.

14 10 2009

i can’t pick a favorite track either! i mean… i doubt i will be able to in the future when i buy my copy.

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