Tinsel in full Emily make-up

2 10 2009

So as most of you Twi hards know (ok maybe just me cause I’m UBER dorky), the Chi town Twi Con is in full effect. Today Tinsel Korey had her Q & A, in which she revealed much about the wolf pack and debuted what Emily’s scarred face will look like in New Moon.

Sam pulled a Chris Brown, but he's a wolf so it doesn't count

Sam pulled a Chris Brown, but he's a wolf so it doesn't count

Twilight Lexicon is at the convention, follow them on twitter for up to the minute Twi Updates. If you’re as dorky as me, that is.

Here some Tinsel highlights:

*she loves Rob’s music

*Says chaske is a wonderful guy and probably hung the most with him on set

*Kristen is very focused in her opinion. She is also in real life clumsy like Bella. she really likes Kristen.

*says she nether team Edward or Jacob but she is team Sam (um oook)

* Her favorite scene in New Moon is the muffin scene with Bella

*Rob is gracious and charming

*Of the wolves it’s hard to say who has the best 6 pack, but right now Alex has the edge

*Tinsel enjoys working with native kids and is helping get La Push kids a drama program


Go ahead Tinsel! Tinsel is to Sarah what Kristen is to Allie. Eventually this will just be a Tinsel and Kristen Fan Blog.



One response

3 10 2009

allie your pic titles crack me up. so weird, this is how i pictured emily in my head- spot on!

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