The Edward Historical Timeline

26 09 2009

people do hilari things with Edward.

Before he met Bella…[click to enlarge]

These didn’t make the cut:

[via Twifans]



7 responses

26 09 2009

ROTFLMAO! The mullet picture…I peed myself!

-Whitley (

26 09 2009

lmfao at the sailor picturee.

26 09 2009

omg that made me laugh so hard!

27 09 2009
Marte N.

LOL!!!!! I can’t stop laughing!!

27 09 2009

that is so so so great<3!
we need to get one of the entire cast stat!

27 09 2009
DCMA Queen

haha so funny… and, don’t mean to dork out, but i thought vampires hair couldn’t grow? hence alices beautiful locks instead of ashleys gorge length?

29 09 2009

is the 1990s edward perhaps a snap of the someone from the cast of OG Beverly Hills 90210… maybe a dylan mccay or a brandon walsh body with an EC face. its only natch, dylan and brandon were probably vamps from the 1800s too. that would explain their timeless charm… and perfect 90s hair.

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