Next Top Model defends KStew!

24 09 2009


team kbitch!

team kbitch!

The first ever America’s Next Top Model winner, Adrianne Curry, took to her Twitter to ask the question I ask myself daily. What the Forks is everyone’s freaking problem with Kristen?  Why they hatin?!

Then she pulls an Allie and starts what I would classify as a full on twi fight! I love this bitch! PREACH!


I couldnt have said it better myself.

I couldnt have said it better myself.



6 responses

25 09 2009

I dont know this model but I like her now 😀 Kstew is awsome its about time people stop the hating, its stupid!

direct it towards one of the hollywood slvts that deserve it like lindsay or paris.

Kristen is smart, classy, humble and very professional. People should look up to her not bash her.

so bravo addrianne Curry, for saying what so many of us think and defending Kristen!

25 09 2009

Good on her.

I love Kristen to death.
She is such a gifted & talented actress. Her performances in ‘Speak’ and ‘Into the Wild’ were amazing.
She is very intelligent, naturally gorgeous and just a shy, awkward, normal chick.

A lot of people judge her acting ability solely by watching her in Twilight, without watching many of her other amazing movies. I blame the director for everyones performance in Twilight.. not just Kristens and from what we’ve seen of New Moon so far.. justifies that.

Shes hard working, and puts everything she has into each role.
Sure, shes not like all the other typical american actresses out there.. shes not bothered about being famous or rich or artificially beautiful.. shes just real and normal, and I find it heart-breaking that shes criticised for it.
Being hated for being yourself is just disgusting and no one should have to put up with it.

I think shes so strong to be able to deal with everything that comes her way, especially being only 19.

25 09 2009

I’m neutral towards her. I don’t really care if everyone else loves her or hates her. What I do not get is, why they keep on throwing it to her face and everywhere else – even though that kind of things happen to many other Holywood actors/actresses – it’s still childish. Even more childish (and embarassing on their part) when the reason is because they’re obsessed with Edward/Rob. Put simply, it’s stu-pid. She’s patient, I give her that. I’d throw a tantrum if I was being mocked and ridiculed just because I acted as someone whose on-set or off-set lover is the subject of interest in (almost, and certainly not mine) every young girl’s heart.

I’ve never seen her other movies. But frankly speaking, in TWILIGHT, I honestly didn’t think she was that expressive or good. Heck, even Rob wasn’t. You can’t say it’s unfair for me to judge her by what I’ve seen, because while it’s not the only thing she’s done, Twilight isn’t an exception. Besides, the movie is pretty new, if you get what I mean. That, and I’m not exactly known to give biased thoughts. But that’s just my opinion of course. She’s still young and she can improve given time.

As for her looks, I don’t get why people think she’s ugly. To each their own, I suppose. At worse, they could think her as decent. But ugly? I think she’s got this natural beauty look. And obviously I don’t know her personally, but she does look humble. Who knows. *shrugs*

25 09 2009

Damn good that Kristen has us who loves her to death, I am a recent Kristen admirer, now I am a total fan, I am glad she did twilight, so I got to know of her existance, despite the fact, I had seen her in a few movies, just that I didn’t know she was that kid fr Panic Room. LOL.
God we who adores her must defend her to death, as the stupid immature jealous haters are just plain stupid and ugly deep to the core.
Come on, Kristen’s Army, let’s unite and defend our Queen/Princess 😀

25 09 2009

Go Stewie!

25 09 2009

How come when Kanye West mess up Tay Swift speech everyone was like =omg poor Tay Swift. But than poor Kristen is the same age as Tay Swift and everyone if F* hating her for no D*** reason at all!!!

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