Slutz at the Emmys

23 09 2009

Hi SigOs, I’m Kellan Lutz. You can call me Slutz. I went to the Emmys, and my stylist forgot to make it clear that I have a neck. I think I otherwise look rather dapper.

hott guy sans neck. maybe its all the muscles.

it's just cuz i am so muscle-y, i swear.

Anyhoo, remember when I was chasing 90210 hott ass AnnaLynne McCord? Consider this appearance a strategic manuever. I showed up at the HBO party at the Emmys with her co-star Jessica Stroup, who many would argue is an upgrade. Take THAT!! AnnaLynne gonna be so jelly!

a bit of the bubbly? dont mind if i do.

a bit of the bubbly? don't mind if i do.

Curb, trick.




2 responses

23 09 2009

curve, trick.

23 09 2009

oh slutz, youre so slutty i love you

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