Behind the Scenes of New Moon – The Holy Trinity!!

22 09 2009

our boys. the beauty and the beauty.

the child has an 8 pack. wtf.

i think they are gonna do a cgi real wolf 1-2 punch combo on us.

hi jacob. my my how you've grown.

that lower back/upper butt curve is killin me. as;lgj;adgk a;gk a

roBear. you win. you won. game over.

the pain. the agony. the perfection.

super sick silhouettes of a love forbidden.

saved the best for last…

asgja;gj;et wt;a at - my new desktop background.

These photos were taken by the LA Times a while back when they visited the NM set.





3 responses

22 09 2009

Naughty naughty naughty thoughts! Bad judy bad!

22 09 2009

children with muscles. lol

22 09 2009

ohgod. those guys are so awesome! and there acting skills; i’ve got so much respect for them! for all actors of Twilight! they really let you think that the Twilight-saga is real. and if you make that your watchers/fans feel, you can call yourself one of the greatest actors 🙂

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