Rob peed in a cup at a 100 Monkeys show.

17 09 2009

This dude interviewing them is mega creepy. His name is Nardwuar , he knows his music and loves his trivia. He’s interviewed everyone from AFI to Bloc Party to NERD to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you can check out his website here. J.Bone and his band are adorable and willing to play along so…here goes..

Nardwuar Vs. 100 Monkeys.

J.Bone’s Disney voice is alarmingly un Jasper like.




3 responses

17 09 2009

okay can i just say that j.bone is looking mighty fine in this clip!!!

18 09 2009

Nardwar is a Canadian legend!!!

18 09 2009

Well, I figured as much, cause his website is off the chain…however here in America, we do not have a clue who he is. At least I don’t. And I know almost everything.

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