More NM Soundtrack News – The Used

15 09 2009

oh man oh man. this band gives me flashbacks. greener with the scenery, poetic tragedy, and pretty much anything on that self-titled album was like a piece of the soundtrack to a former me. they kind of lost me a little over the years as their sound changed along with my tastes, but they still hold a special little place in my heart.

“It’s gonna be a big deal,” Bert told “We wrote a really awesome original song for the movie.” Bert also said that former Nine Inch Nails musician Danny Lohner produced the track. [via NewMoonMovie]

they are from utah. like james the tow truck driver.

they are from utah. like james the tow truck driver.

annnnd cue AllieCupcake’s snarky remarks about my eyeliner and tragic attempts at blond bangs…

check the timestamp, yo.

self-taken friendster photo of JJ back in the day day.




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16 09 2009


16 09 2009

hahahah a day later, i JUST NOW got the reference. LOL. how did we not document that dude??? ..oh, i know, it’s because we were too busy trying to get to the room before peeing in our pants from laughing.

16 09 2009

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME … They performed at TigerFest at Towson University my freshman yeah of college, long story short I volunteered at the event and got stuck working parking lot where all the bands came in. Haha and I got to meet the bands and if I recall correctly they were pretty cool, somewhat odd, but cool. I have a picture of me and Bert, funny thing is I came across it a month ago. I’d totally send it to you, but its not the best picture of me, oversize shirt and freshman 15, never a good thing. So awesome that they are on the New Moon soundtrack, I can’t wait to hear there song.

16 09 2009

This band is really cool. My friend christina let me listen to some of their songs.

P.s. when did the blonde bangs happen in 2003?! i don’t remember those!!!!!

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