knoxville premiere update – KStew & TayLaut confirmed!

15 09 2009

New updates on the Knoxville premiere of New Moon… mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 17.

do i smell a roadtrip?

do i smell a roadtrip? confirms KStew and TayLaut will be in the MF hizzy!! There are rumors swirling around on Twitter that Rob might be going, but that is not yet confirmed. You have to enter a drawing in person for a chance at purchasing 2 tix for $100.

“…there will be a limited number of tickets available to the public, distributed by drawing.

Fans can register for the drawing from Oct. 9-11 exclusively at Regal Cinemas locations in Knoxville — Pinnacle Stadium 18, West Town Mall Stadium 9, Riviera Stadium 8, Knoxville Center Stadium 10 and Downtown West 8.

Winners’ names will be drawn Nov. 3, and they will be given the opportunity to purchase two general admission tickets for $100 each.”

According to Google Maps, Knoxville is about 7.5 hrs from DC. Pack up your mini Edwards and cardboard Edwards, ladies, we’re headin’ down to Tennessee for the ho down y’all!





5 responses

15 09 2009

you can so make it in like 6hrs

15 09 2009

Definitely depends on traffic and speed, keep the constant 75 should definitely decrease your time.

15 09 2009

hey did you already go, or are you about to embark on your big journey????

15 09 2009

We are about to embark! Two weeks from today and I am getting super excited. So if anyone knows anything about where the cast might be found in Vancouver, Lindsay (BaltimoreBella) and I are all ears. We actually have a call in to her old boss, so hopefully he can turn up something good for us, but only time will tell. We were actualy discussing font this morning for some shirts we might make, “We are dorks, headed to Forks!” LOVES IT! I wish the New Moon soundtrack would be out before the 13th, it would give us something else to bop along to while we cruise over to Forks and up to Port Angeles. I guess both soundtracks (regular and score) for Twilight will do. No worries, I/we will be taking plenty of pictures and as I’ll need a labtop to work on homework for my grad classes, I’ll probably be uploading pictures each night so I can keep my memory card on my camera empty, you never know who or what you might see. 🙂

15 09 2009

I live in Tennessee so I’m surely going even if I can’t get in.

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