Death Cab ‘Meet Me on the Equinox’ – Full Song

14 09 2009

…set to a photo recap from last night’s VMA’s. The song, inspired by Forks, is so forking perfect. Light, ghostly, complex, tragic. Just like New Moon.

Can’t wait for more soundtrack music to make it’s way out to the webs!




2 responses

14 09 2009

Okay I LOVE that song. Can it please be October 13, I really want to hear this whole soundtrack, I am so STOked for it. And while I know there are haters out there, but I really do like KS’s dress, especially when its a far away shot and you can’t tell that there is the netting on top so it looks like the dress is strapless. It is magical and kind of goes with the mood of the song. Love it when RP’s arm is around her and the way she looks over and up at him when he’s talking on stage. Too cute. But gosh, what I wouldn’t do to know what she whispers into TL’s ear.

14 09 2009

love this song to the recap of the vma’s. SO twi-ght.

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