HQ New Moon Trailer

13 09 2009

Here it is twi-hearts.

VMAs tomorrow!!




5 responses

13 09 2009

I think I just peed a little with excitement.

13 09 2009

omg. I love this Trailer … IT#s so awsome .

13 09 2009

I hate to say this, being all Team Edward and everything, but DAMN Jacob looks good. The way he cares for Bella, as previewed above, is somewhat endearing and not at all annoying as I felt when reading the book. Of course then you have what appears to be Edward at the end jumping in front and tackling a Volturi, I believe Demetri (correct me if I’m wrong) who is going after Bella. I could just watch this over and over again.

14 09 2009


14 09 2009

I chewed my nails down to nubs. With each passing millisecond of this clip. It could poss be the best of all that beat all sequels! I felt a sickness in my gut when I saw bell in her bed crying. (We all have cried like that over a guy. But never lucky the have it be Edward!AWSOME

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