SigO VMA Preview, Biatches.

11 09 2009

Here we go! Start slapping your arms now, bitches, cuz it’s time for another Twi fix. Unless you live under a rock, you know Sunday 9/13 at 9PM ET are the LIVE VMAs on MTV. And we’ll be teaming up on the SigO Twitter, natch, so come chat with us LIVE!

Here’s why you won’t want to miss the show:

Host Russell Brand to Take Aim at Twilight

dont you DARE, funnyman.

don't you DARE, funnyman.

Oh, he better keep it clean. He’s funny, he’s British, yes. But he definitely slammed the JoBros last year for their purity rings and also had the audacity to cut off RoBear during his presentation. When asked if he is Team Jacob or Team Edward, he responded “I don’t know what those words mean…I don’t think I’m their type of audience.” [via E!Online and Zap2it]

Death Cab’s Song from the New Moon Soundtrack to Debut

The town of Forks, WA was their inspiration.

The town of Forks, WA was their inspiration.

As we discussed earlier this month, the lead single from the New Moon soundtrack, Death Cab for Cutie’s “Meet Me On the Equinox” will be unveiled at the show. You can HEAR A SNIPPET OF IT NOW on!!

New Moon Cast Attending, Including RoBear, KStew, TayLaut and Dollface

TayLaut to the left of her, RoBear to her right. Here she is!

TayLaut to the left of her, RoBear to her right. Here she is!

I’m also hoping we get JamBo and Justin Chon, personally. I’m sure a whole rack of them will be on tap. The ORIGINAL sneak peek at the seating plan was released, which places RoBear, KStew, TayLaut and Ashley a seat apart from each other in the 5th row. Which was perfect, right? Right.

BUT news yesterday surfaced of this new seating plan, which places Taylor in Rob’s seat and ROB NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. Maybe they didn’t want KStew and Rob sitting together, and hopefully they just put him over by Ashley or something- because we were promised the Holy Trinity of Twi and that’s what we better get!!!

[via MTV]

ChitChat with the SigOs LIVE on the Tweet

Tweet LIVE with us Sunday 9/13 9pm during the show!




One response

11 09 2009

Oh I love Death Cab for Cutie. I just sat my head down on my computer at work so I could hear the song and not disrupte any of my co-workers. I can NOT WAIT for this the soundtrack to launch, better go charge up my iTunes account now to prepare. I was about to question why they have RP and KS sitting apart, with one seat separating them, but looking at all the other seats, it appears to be the same for them as well. Gosh darn VMA’s playing at the same time as the TrueBlood season finale.

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