NEW MOON: New trailer preview!!!

11 09 2009

I snagged this tidbit from Robert Pattinson Life. I just couldnt help ma’self. And yes I will be going to see Sorority Row now. I am not ashamed.

so tortured

so tortured

Alison – @Irishgirlnc already watched the new New Moon trailer and here what she has to share:


Here’s what Meresquared and I saw tonight. As a Summit film, I expected to see the Jacob New Moon trailer, but there was sooo much more. It basically gave away the entire plot of the film! I was astounded at how much footage is in it. We literally gasped at some of the shots, and someone a few rows back from us was squealing. All the footage was GORGEOUS! It made me so excited for the film, but I am wary that they’ve released too much in the trailer. I’m assuming it will play before Sorority Row when it opens this weekend, or it’s the trailer that is being unveiled at the VMAs.

– Volturi lair – Aro, Caius, Marcus
– Felix fighting Edward
– Edward being thrown about the lair two or three times.
– Bella begging them to not hurt him

– Edward leaving Bella in the woods (more dialogue than we’ve already heard)
– Bella in the woods
– Bella in despair in her room
– Bella confronting the pack, Paul morphing in to a wolf in front of Bella
– Bella and Jacob with Jacob’s “I would never hurt you” line
– Bella on the bike seeing Edward and falling over.
– Edward vision in the school parking lot with voiceover from Bella saying it’s the only way she can see him

– Bella and Jessica walking with Jessica saying “so you’re an adrenaline junkie now”
– Bella on the cliff diving into the water. Bella in the water seeing Edward
– Jacob rescuing her and asking why she did that
– Alice appearing and telling Bella that Edward is going to kill himself
– Jacob trying to stop Bella from leaving to stop Edward
– Shot of the Porsche in the countryside, and Bella and Alice in the car
– Volterra and the parade
– Shirtless Edward
– Bella running to stop him in the fountain

– Jane saying something like ‘this may hurt a little’

Only 70 more days til we get a hardcore TWI FIX!!!

FY TWI- the CW’s Vampire Diaries was just NOT doing it for me tonight. It’s like being used to good cocaine and snorting some baby laxatives. Wack-ness. Wait,  this is an R -Rated blog right?



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11 09 2009

Haha, alliecupcake, you and BaltimoreBella totally need to discuss Vampire Diaries. Unfortunately I missed it last night as I was in class, oh grad school, interfering with my CW shows. I’m hoping to catch the encore of VD tonight. Any who, I really hope this is the trailer they are unveiling on the VMA’s this weekend. I’m seriously thinking I might have to follow in your decision making of just watching TrueBlood on HBO OnDemand on Monday. I don’t want to miss anything NM on Sunday. 70 days, oh so close. 🙂

1 10 2009

I though i was so using the Vampire Diaries to fill my longing for New MOON! But you know it was like SM paved the new vampire road to what all wemen want in life ~the bad strong~ the good safe~ the passion~ the danger~ it all wraped up in sexy as f’in hell men~ so i have a new love to add to my vamipre list. and the is the VD! it is kind of like good/okay sex u know gets the job done and sets u right for the week but will never be the mind blowing sex you have when you have been away from your love too long! (hey btw cupcake ox)

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