TWI-FIGHT: some drunky calls KStew a “bitch!”

8 09 2009

Yup, Robsten totally came out of hiding last night and went to a Bobby Long show in Vancouver, along with Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser (Esme parties and I LIKE IT!). AND there is this awful video of Kristen and Rob leaving the club, paps all over them, you can’t even really SEE them, (they don’t want to be seen, remember?) AND THEN some awful, heinous drunky whorebag yells “KRISTEN YOU’RE SUCH A BITCH!”  GASP!  I can’t even bring myself to post the video b/c it makes me so ravenously mad. Instead I will post this cute pic of them leaving the show together:


oh hello lovers

oh hello lovers

Now, just because I enjoy Ted from E!’s the Awful Truth, I am going to post his account because of it’s juiciness. (Even though I am SO SICK of everyone hating on Nikki Reed. It IS possible for someone to ACTUALLY MOVE ON. Jesus)

According to Ted at E! Online:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart finally came out of hiding this weekend, hitting up parts of the ‘Couv with none other than Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser.

Remember, Robsten have been MIA by choice, so the public debut must mean something…

Maybe the fact that the cast—dark-haired temptress Nikki included—has totally stepped out of the way for Robsten to be together means the messy love-triangle business is so forgotten about. After all, Nik is still with Paris Latsis (who was up visiting N.R. this weekend), so maybe she really has moved past it?

Uh, hardly folks. But Miss Reed is sitting pretty with her wad-of-cash boyfriend, “totally over” any of that old Robsten drama. She’s moved up in the world, remember?

Since she’s way out of the picture, Kristen and Rob are playing it cool, ’cause what’s that phrase? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well they certainly did this weekend…

After Nikki was seen cruising the town with her BF and K.Stew, she and new bestie Elizabeth Reaser went out with Rob and Kristen to the Bobby Long Show at the Backstage Lounge Monday night.

While we’re told Robsten hung close the entire night (keeping PDAs to a minimum since they weren’t trying to hide from onlookers), as they left the show together, some drunken girl supposedly called our girl K.Stew “a bitch”—resulting in a Twi-fan-on-Twi-fan throwdown.

We’ve contacted the Backstage Lounge to see what really went down, but haven’t heard back.

What is certain, though, is that Rob and Kristen left together to go back to their hotel—a place they have been spending loads of time together. Too yummy.

Read the rest here!




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9 09 2009

It’s so sad that this happens! I feel so bad for Rob and Kristen. 😦

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